Danish Design Awards

The Cloud9 desk is a finalist at the Danish Design Award 2020.

MN1 gets facelifted arms

We talked about it in 2015, 2016, 2017…and now finally we are doing it. The executive meeting chair for Howe, MN1 gets optional veneered arm pads for its diecast arms. The pads will be available in beech, oak and upholstered.

European Product Design Award

Proud and humble to be honored with a The European Product Design Award Silver for the Cloud9 tables designed for Watson Furniture Group.  

The natural material combination

MN1 is a sophisticated executive meeting chair made for Howe in 2014. Its beautiful and always visible veneer back frame fits great with dusty color textiles like shown in this picture. 

Gold Award at the Neocon Furniture Fair in Chicago

Proud to win best of Neocon Gold Award with the cloud9 tables.

2,5 years and thousands of hours paid of with this recognition. Im very proud and humble. Thanks 


You need to improve and keep your skills up to date every day.

Best of Neocon Silver Award

The fixed MN200 tables in the Essential Workspace product family for Howe wins a Silver Award at the yearly furniture fair in Chicago. 


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